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Our services are not location specific and are offered nationwide. As long as you have a phone and internet access we can help.
To get a general idea of what we can do click here and to see what we cannot do click here.
We allow a two month rollover period. If you don’t use the available tasks by then, they will expire. This means that if you sign-up towards the end of the month these unused tasks will rollover into the next month.
You will be billed on the first day of every month in advance for that month. In the month that you sign up you will receive the full package quota of tasks for that month. If unused, these tasks will rollover into the following month where you will be billed on the first of that month.
When you are logged in you can navigate to the settings page. Any downgrades or cancellations will only be effective from the following month. For example if you request your service to be cancelled, we will not refund you any available tasks. You can still use these tasks until the end of that month where your service will be cancelled.
Absolutely! You will receive the extra tasks immediately and you will be billed the difference between the new package and your current package immediately. From the next month you will be billed as per normal on the new package.

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