What we can do

Examples of things that we can do...

  • any kind of internet research
  • gathering quotes (flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, event organisers etc)
  • booking restaurants, hotels, spa treatments etc
  • personal calls
  • booking services such as plumbers, electricians, event organisers etc
  • scheduling appointments
  • proofreading of documents
  • editing of documents
  • report writing/drafting
  • reminder services (birthdays, meetings)
  • syncing dates and events to your google calendar
  • typing of short documents
  • transcribing of short audio files
  • booking conference venues
  • basic project management
  • various account management (such as email, mailchimp, You Tube, Wordpress, etc)
  • writing and managing blogs
  • social media management
  • data capturing
  • and so much more – if there is something we haven’t mentioned here then send the request in and we’ll assess it and do our best to assist you
  • Note: One task equals 30 minutes of work. If the task you have requested takes longer, your skivvy will relay this to you and will deduct the necessary number of tasks from your package.
The way we spend our time defines who we are. Jonathan Estrin