South Africans! Virtual Assistants are a real thing!


As a perceived stay-at-home mom, I am often asked what I do for a living. My response is very honest and enthusiastic as I say ‘I am a Virtual Assistant!’. And every time this scenario happens, I expect them to exclaim the wonders of a VA, how magnificent a role it is for the future of business, and how great virtual assistants are. But no. Instead, I am hit with a blank stare, followed by a confused ‘Sorry, you’re a what?’. So, I take a deep breath, compose myself and explain my profession, and they reply ‘Oh wow, I have never heard of that before’ followed by awkward silence and most certainly a change of subject. I can just imagine what they are actually thinking: ‘What a lowly job’; ‘She must be picking at straws’; ‘She should probably dedicate more time to her kids’; ‘Who would ever need or use THAT?’.