6 reasons to use a VA as a Project Manager


Project Management is the application of processes, skills, knowledge and tools to achieve the projects’ objectives. It is something that is needed and for the success of a project. A project manager, therefore, is the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a project (something that is temporary with a defined beginning, middle and ending). It refers to someone who has a talent for being organised, efficient and meticulous. A project manager handles an entire project from conception to completion, and manages each step of the process to ensure that tasks are completed; deliverables and deadlines are met; and issues obstructing the finished project are removed and dealt with appropriately.

How to get a virtual assistant to manage your emails.


More and more we are seeing a decrease in phone calls, faxing and hand delivering of documents; and are seeing a rise instant messaging such as Skype, SMSes and, of course, email. But email is fast becoming unmanageable and very overcrowded. A solution may be to allow a virtual assistant to manage your account for you? Here are the ways you can allow someone to manage your email account.