A Few Skivvy Website Changes!


We understand that the concept of a Virtual Assistant is still growing in South Africa even though it is becoming an increasingly popular vocation. (We know this since we get people asking to work with is DAILY!) And because it is becoming a popular career, we need to have a site that is easy to navigate through. Therefore, our aim in making changes to our site is to make your experience of Skivvy easier and more user-friendly.

6 reasons to use a VA as a Project Manager


Project Management is the application of processes, skills, knowledge and tools to achieve the projects’ objectives. It is something that is needed and for the success of a project. A project manager, therefore, is the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a project (something that is temporary with a defined beginning, middle and ending). It refers to someone who has a talent for being organised, efficient and meticulous. A project manager handles an entire project from conception to completion, and manages each step of the process to ensure that tasks are completed; deliverables and deadlines are met; and issues obstructing the finished project are removed and dealt with appropriately.

Research Tips for the Unschooled


By definition, research is a series of systematic investigations into a particular subject. Systematic things take time….LOTS of time! More than taking up lots of time, conducting research takes patience, and some skill. And, the reality is, let’s face it, people don’t have the time that is needed to conduct successful research. And this is why we often get asked to perform research tasks: both for personal reasons and business reasons.