5 South African Funding Programmes for Women Entrepreneurs


The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor revealed that there has been an increase in women’s entrepreneurship primarily due to government support. The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) noted that 72% of micro-enterprises and 40% of small enterprises are currently owned by women. As a female entrepreneur, I find this statistic absolutely amazing!

How to get a virtual assistant to manage your emails.


More and more we are seeing a decrease in phone calls, faxing and hand delivering of documents; and are seeing a rise instant messaging such as Skype, SMSes and, of course, email. But email is fast becoming unmanageable and very overcrowded. A solution may be to allow a virtual assistant to manage your account for you? Here are the ways you can allow someone to manage your email account.

9 South African Businesswomen Organisations


Being in a business network is important for a number of reasons, some being: increased business, business referrals, opportunities, advice and friendship. As a woman, business networks, are great for confidence and building friendships. Here are 9 business networking organisations in South Africa.