How You Can Capitalise on Valentine's Day

10-Feb-2017 | Jenni

Whether you are into Valentine’s Day or not, everyone knows that a) a LOT of money is spent on this particular day, and b) people are absolute suckers when it comes to this day! As a business owner, your question should be: HOW CAN I CAPITALISE ON VALENTINE’S DAY? Here are some suggestions we came up with…they won’t all work for your business type, but I’m sure you can employ at least one of them!

1. Create and send a loving promotion via text
Consider sending a 2-for-1 deal via sms.
For example, restaurants can offer two meals for the price of one, or two desserts for the price of one. Boutiques could offer two (travel size) fragrances for the price of one.
Or offer a specific discount, such as 20 percent off baked goods or candy.
Whatever the promotion your business can offer, be sure to mention Valentine’s Day in the text and include “romantic wording” by using words such as ‘love,’ ‘special someone,’ ‘sweet,’ or ‘heart.’

2. Share the love on social
Ask your audience to “Share the Love” on a social site. Ask them to share sweet stories, poems, or pictures that represent love, romance, or friendship on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to have participants include a specific hashtag or include your business name on the post.
For example, United Airlines ran a “Love in the Air” promotion asking customers who met or fell in love while traveling to share their love stories. The airline selected finalists and gave the winning couple roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the U.S.
Your prize doesn’t have to be quite as grand, but it should align with your brand. For example, give the winner 2 free items at your store (one for them, one for their companion), or a voucher towards anything in your store.

3. Cater for the singles
Valentine’s Day isn’t all roses and champagne for everyone. There are many singles out there, so try cater to them. Ask your customers to submit their best (or worst) break-up story in 140 characters or less on Twitter, or have them submit it using emojis only. Or offer a prize to the saddest, loneliest singles photo your customers can create on Instagram. Pick the best break-up story or photo, and give them a shout out on social, and a prize for sharing their story.

4. Show your love for a charity
Celebrate love by teaming up with a local charity and encourage your customers to offer their support.
For example, ask people to send in their Valentine’s Day pictures, and for every picture/story that is shared, you donate R10 to your chosen charity.

5. Make a quick video with gift ideas
Everyone needs a little gift inspiration, especially on Valentine’s Day when the same-old chocolates or flowers just won’t cut it.
For example, you could create a gift guide that’s full of great Valentine’s Day gifts from your store.
Share your video on your social pages or via email.

6. Make Valentine’s Day Customer Appreciation Day
Who loves your customers more than you do? Consider handing out a rose or a chocolate as they enter your shop? Or, offer a voucher for every online purchase.

Have fun with your promotions and make sure your customers know you love what you do, and that you love them! (I mean, without them, you'd have no business, right?).

What Valentine’s Day promotion are you planning this year? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!!