5 Ways Hiring a Virtual Assistant Will Help You Make Better Decisions

04-Aug-2016 | Jenni

Have you recently sat down and thought about questions similar to these?

  • What is needed to scale my small business?
  • Which people should I reach out to in order to grow my network?
  • What kind of company do I want to have five years from now?

If not, I’m assuming it is because you haven’t had time since you’ve been too busy sorting out the general running of your business. As an entrepreneur you should use your brains and time mainly for creative problem solving, building your business and making decisions. Wasting your time on simpler, smaller decisions is something you shouldn’t be doing! Here is where an assistant would prove beneficial to you.

 For example:

  • If you travelled a lot, you would merely tell your assistant to book flights, and sort out certain travel arrangements
  • You would tell your assistant to write a blog about a certain subject, and you would be sure that it would be well-written, proofread and edited.
  • Your assistant could send emails/newsletters to individuals or groups of people regularly.
  • An assistant would organize, manage and sift your emails on your behalf, by forwarding those emails which are important, and moving the emails that would waste your time.
  • An assistant could manage your YouTube account by uploading your videos onto your channel.

The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant is that it forces you to explicitly evaluate your personal rules. You would ask yourself, "Why am I always doing things like this?" Because, of course, you want to be sure the assistant does things for a good reason, as to not waste your resources.

 Once you've defined what needs to be done, and handed these over to your assistant, you can sit back, relax, and think about the most important things in your work-life that cannot be delegated.