How we can make your business more effective

05-Jul-2016 | Jenni

Most of the tasks we get asked to do require research: finding the best sock manufacturers, finding shops in a certain area that sell exotic fish, finding a list of nutrients and foods for good skin, and the like. This type of market research is lots of fun for me, as I get to learn so much about our client’s business or personal lives. And without wanting to discredit this aspect of our clients’ needs, I really want to talk about what we, at Skivvy, really want to do for you and your business!

In short, we want to make YOUR business more effective, and to make you more efficient. We want to take over those recurring tasks that take up your time every month.

Think about the processes your business does every month…now, think about how much time you would have if we took some of those time-consuming processes off your hands. You would have time to invest in the things that would make your business more profitable, and more efficient. Think about how much more effectively your business can run if we did those processes for you.

 Here is a list of some of the things we do on a daily/monthly basis for clients:

  1. Managing email accounts

We manage client’s email accounts, where we are given the appropriate responses to emails, sort out emails into categories, or direct important emails to the client. 

  1. Managing online schedules

We handle the clients’ emails, take calls and manage their schedules online, either by Gmail Calendar or through an online scheduler system. 

  1. Managing YouTube accounts

We upload, delete, rename and analyse YouTube accounts. 

  1. Managing HootSuite accounts

We manage the scheduling of blogs or social media posts. 

  1. Writing monthly newsletters

Given enough time, we can write your newsletters for you. 

  1. Proofreading and editing newsletters/documents

Our skivvies are qualified to edit or proofread newsletters or documents. 

  1. Managing and sending newsletters through MailChimp

We are adept at MailChimp, and can manage all your newsletters and lists through it. 

  1. Placing Facebook Ads

We have Social Media specialists who can create, run and analyse your Facebook adverts. 

  1. Creating personalized images

Using design tools, we create images for clients. These images are primarily used for our clients’ social media accounts.

Perhaps there is something on this list that you need done? Or perhaps it has sparked an idea of a business process that you could hand over for someone else to do?

 Contact us, and let us know how we can help you!