6 reasons to use a VA as a Project Manager

09-Nov-2016 | Jenni

Project Management is the application of processes, skills, knowledge and tools to achieve the projects’ objectives. It is something that is needed and for the success of a project. A project manager, therefore, is the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a project (something that is temporary with a defined beginning, middle and ending). It refers to someone who has a talent for being organised, efficient and meticulous. A project manager handles an entire project from conception to completion, and manages each step of the process to ensure that tasks are completed; deliverables and deadlines are met; and issues obstructing the finished project are removed and dealt with appropriately.

 Using a virtual project manager will allow you to:

  • utilise your resources in the best way possible: the team members will report directly to the manager.
  • take advantage of the big business experience on a small business budget: your virtual project manager is only employed for the duration of the project at a few hours a day or week, and you only pay for the time that you use.
  • sit back and focus on other things that demand your attention as the project is handled from idea to implementation by a virtual player.

 A virtual project manager will be able to:

  • Keep you within your allotted project budget
  • Keep the project standards high
  • Deal with organisational requests
  • Monitor and supervise the project members
  • Keep track of timesheets and invoices so that freelancers and contractors are paid on time
  • Send you timely feedback while you focus on the running of your business.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant as your Virtual Project Manager, you open yourself out to so many more outsourcing opportunities. Aside from managing the project a Virtual Project Manager/Virtual Assistant can assist with other duties, such as replying to emails, coordinating teams, providing customer support, and so on. 

In short, a VA can handle all of the smaller tasks so you can see the bigger picture. Have you ever used a Virtual Project Manager? If so, what were your experiences? If not, do you think you could use one for a current or upcoming project?