A Few Skivvy Website Changes!

16-Nov-2016 | Jenni

We understand that the concept of a Virtual Assistant is still growing in South Africa even though it is becoming an increasingly popular vocation. (We know this since we get people asking to work with is DAILY!) And because it is becoming a popular career, we need to have a site that is easy to navigate through. Therefore, our aim in making changes to our site is to make your experience of Skivvy easier and more user-friendly.

 These are some of the notable changes we made to a few site pages:


We realised that it wasn’t easy to discern how we really operate. We are an online service, so all the dealings with your skivvy work through our online system. To make it easier to see the process of creating a task and commenting on a task, etc, we have created screenshots with a description as to exactly what your profile page will look like and how the system works once you have registered with us:

  • You will see your interface will look like.
  • You are taken through the creating of new tasks, attaching documents, and the communications between you and your skivvy.
  • You can see what your task page will look like once you have created it.
  • You can see how you can add comments to the tasks and view the comment history.
  • You are also shown what your personal settings page will look like, and how you can manage your subscriptions and information. 

We have added more skills to our list of tasks that we can do. 


We have removed some of the task requests we cannot do…yippee!! Our skill sets are definitely growing. 


We also made a few changes to the backend of the site that only really affects the skivvies. But some of the notable changes are:

  • We added in a ‘Task Weighting’ section whereby your skivvy can increase the number of tasks of your created task. What this means is that when you log a task, your skivvy will work for 30 minutes on it (this is the allotted time for each task). However, sometimes a task takes longer than 30 minutes (such as a blog post or research), and in this case, your skivvy can then use up more of your tasks. Here, your skivvy will contact you first and let you know that the task will take more than 30 minutes.
  • We also added in a functionality where we can add more of your details as you send them to us. For example, sometimes you require a task where some of your personal details, such as your ID or Policy numbers, is needed. We have created a space where we can safely store these details in your User Profile for easy access the next time we may need them. This eliminates your skivvy from having to ask you each time the information is needed.

Let is know what you think of these changes!