4 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Manage Your Blog

26-Oct-2016 | Jenni

Blogging is known to be incredibly effective in building your brand and growing your business. Blogging is an effective way to show off your business and expose it to your current clients and potential clients. Your blog will let people know where you have come from, what you are up to and what you can offer them. 

As a business, you want your blog to reflect the following:

-          That you KNOW your audience

-          You LOVE what you do 

You will do this if you are:

-          CONSISTENT in your blogging

-          Provide USEFUL content

-          Feature COOL graphics, illustrations and charts

In order to have an effective blog, you will need to:

-          Find time to blog

-          Interpret Analytics

-          Deal with feedback from readers

-          Deal with technical issues

-          Come up with ideas for content.

 Getting the above right takes a lot of time and maintenance. Here is where a virtual assistant can be very helpful!

 Here are four ways hiring a virtual assistant will help you MANAGE YOUR BLOG: 

  1. Generating Content Ideas

Once you have met (virtually) with your VA, and discussed the vision and feel for your blog, your VA can generate content ideas. Your VA can also do the necessary keyword and competitor research to optimise your blog, and create great, relevant blog post ideas. 

  1. Developing a Content Calendar

A content calendar is useful in planning your blog post ideas. This is useful when it comes to planning your social media posts, creating consistency and keeping things relevant. 

  1. Optimising your posts

Optimising your blog posts means that when people search for a keyword relevant to your blog, your blog post will appear. You want this as it increases the number of visitors to your blog/website. 

  1. Managing and Responding to comments

It is good practice to reply to each of the comments you receive on your blog posts. This creates a good rapport between you and your readers.

 Do you have a blog? What things do you do to manage your blog, and where can you improve?